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  1. Custom framing
    Custom Framing To You is proud to offer fine conservation framing using some of the world’s most beautiful and elegant mouldings. Our moulding samples include: classical hardwoods, contemporary metal mouldings, antiqued gold and silver profiles, and intricate carved woods

  2. All forms of artwork
    Oil on canvas, pastels, watercolors, prints, etc. Whenever possible, we frame to conservative grade as a minimum, this ensures your art is protected from contamination and deterioration, such as acid burn, while in the frame. The framing project should last a lifetime.

  3. Sports Jerseys
    Frame and preserve your jersey from the sports team you follow. we can professionally block and mount jerseys and t-shirts to protect them and let you display them with pride. We have mats that match colors for all MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and college to use as an accent background. We can also frame the jersey using a frame with a removable back so you can still wear it.

  4. Photographs
    Amazing things can be done with digital photographs. Weddings, graduations, holidays, vacations, all can be enlarged and framed. With our digital printing capabilities, enlargements up to 40” wide are possible. Artists –even amateurs, can save hours of labor by making high quality prints of your work. Simply scan your piece and send us the file and you can have extra copies for family and friends or to sell.

  5. Custom Designed Shadow Boxes
    Custom Framing To You will help you display prized objects in a shadow box or simple table display. We pride ourselves in shadow Boxing anything! We achieve this by carefully designing and planning how your objects will be displayed and then constructing a sturdy presentation that highlights and preserves them for generations. Examples include, memorabilia, stamps and coins, awards and ribbons, t-shirts and jerseys, school, military and public service medals and awards, hats, records and cd’s, baseballs, footballs, baseball bats, and flags.

  6. Canvas Transfer
    Your own photos can become art when printed on canvas. Your vacation pictures become oil paintings on canvas; your picture in the garden becomes a lovely oil painting. Simply provide a scan of the piece or the electronic file and we do the rest.

  7. Art Prints and Posters
    We carry a wide selection of art and posters and can special order anything not in stock.

  8. Mirrors
    Creation of custom mirrors for any room by combining our wide selection of mouldings and mirror options.

  9. Drymounting
    Drymounting posters, important documents or newspaper articles that need preserving. We will mount using the finest acid-free materials to ensure your piece will survive the test of time. Commercial/industrial customers can utilize this process to design work instructions, presentations, and custom placards.

  10. Photo enhancement/Restorations
    Through the use of modern digital methods, it is now possible to repair old photographs without damaging the Original. A mediocre family snapshot can become a great “professional” photograph by simply enhancing it. We will take your original or electronic photo files to digitally manipulate and retouch them to add a level of enhancement never thought possible.

  11. Retail, Hospitals and Institutions
    We are experienced in producing large commercial type framing projects for retail outlets and hospital additions. We can frame multiple pieces for any size project.
  1. Gift Certificates
    Know someone who would love our products and services, but want him/her to make all the detailed decisions? A gift certificate is the perfect solution. Available in $50.00, $150.00, and $200.00 denominations.
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